The Gift of Giving with Harry Specters

At Harry Specters, each gift you choose is more than a mere present; it's a testament to your thoughtfulness, your flair for the extraordinary, and your dedication to fostering positive change. Our gift boxes are crafted not just to delight but to express deep affection, appreciation, and advocacy.

Whether celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or simply saying thank you, choosing Harry Specters places you at the heart of a movement towards a more inclusive, joyful, and flavourful world. Each chocolate box is a bridge to understanding and an invitation to join us in our mission to transform preconceptions about autism through the universal language of delicious chocolate.

Personalised Touches for Memorable Events

Two boxes each with one milk chocolate and one personalised chocolate with initials and a wedding date

These two chocolate boxes can be personalised with names, initials, or dates

Harry Specters is renowned for transforming ordinary events into spectacular memories with personalized chocolates that add an exclusive touch. Whether it’s a wedding, a significant anniversary, or a milestone birthday, our bespoke chocolates capture the essence of the occasion. Imagine chocolates tailored for a wedding, with each piece reflecting the day's magic through bespoke flavours and designs that tell a story of love and unity.

Our Tasty Two  and Finest Four chocolate boxes go beyond corporate gifting. Envision gifting your wedding guests with chocolates that bear your names, the wedding date, or a symbol that is special to you, printed directly on the chocolate. Our customisable chocolate features a creamy white shell that encases a rich dark ganache, reminiscent of a decadent brownie, offering your guests not just a treat but a piece of your story.

Three heart shapes lollipops with floral designs in white, milk, and dark chocolate

Our chocohearts make the perfect addition to a wedding or anniversary celebration

Not a fan of traditional boxes? Our whimsical heart-shaped lollipops are a perfect alternative. Available in dreamy white, velvety milk, or intense dark chocolate, these pops are adorned with intricate cocoa butter designs that can be customized to fit your event's colour scheme, adding a playful yet elegant touch to your celebration.

Seasonal and Themed Boxes for Every Occasion

As the seasons change, so does our creativity, which blossoms into specially themed boxes that capture the spirit of various festivities. From the vibrant red designs featured in our Chinese New Year collection to the heartfelt offerings of our Valentine’s Day  assortments, each box is designed to resonate with the occasion it celebrates.

Our Easter collection features hand-painted chocolate eggs that are artworks in their own right, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your celebrations. During Eid, our beautifully designed gift boxes serve not just as gifts but as bridges between cultures, featuring intricate designs and exquisite flavours that say Eid Mubarak in the most delicious way possible.

White chocolates featuring Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day messages

Our themed chocolate boxes add an extra something special to your Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts

For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, give a gift that truly resonates with the heart. With chocolates that range from rich and gooey to zesty and fresh, our boxes offer something delightful for every parent.

We embrace all things spooky with our Halloween selection, helping you find the perfect chocolates for your trick-or-treaters. Then as autumn turns to winter the spirit of love and community is embraced with gusto through our Diwali and Hanukkah collections, where each chocolate box is a gateway to joy and celebration.

A luxury chocolate advent calendar with numbered doors counting down to Christmas

Gift them the ultimate luxury countdown to Christmas with our chocolate advent calendar

As the festive season approaches, our offerings transform into a festive palette of tastes and textures. Each box is crafted to offer joy and ignite the festive spirit through the universal language of chocolate whether you celebrate with a Merry Christmas or prefer Happy Holidays. With a variety of sizes and assortments, there’s a perfect box for every budget and taste preference.

A Little Taste of Sunshine

If you're looking to treat yourself, why not incorporate a little chocolate magic into your self-care routineAt Harry Specters, we believe in the joy of little surprises. Our standard selection, designed for self-indulgence or sharing, includes a variety of textures and taste experiences. 

Two bags of mini treats including blonder chocolate clusters and milk chocolate mendiants decorated with fruit and nuts
Sharing is caring, and it's important to treat yourself too! Our range of mini treats is perfect for every occasion
Our blonde chocolate clusters provide the perfect crunch, while our milk chocolate mendiants, adorned with dried fruits and nuts, offer an effortlessly elegant treat. For those who crave a bit of bitterness (with a whole load of benefits), our dark chocolate-covered coffee beans deliver a luxurious bite.

Seasonal delights like our Christmas chocopops, Halloween hand-decorated chocolate skulls, and mini Easter eggs  with award-winning fillings make each season special. These treats are not just sweets; they are crafted to spread joy and add a unique touch to any celebration or gathering.

Just A Note To Say…

Enhance your thoughtful gift with a personal touch using our complimentary message cards. These small cards carry a big impact, allowing you to convey your feelings and thoughts to the recipient clearly.

A selection of gift message cards by Harry Specters

Our message cards are a free option with every order so why not add a little extra love to your gift?

We ensure that the experience is purely about the gesture, as we omit billing and cost information from our delivery notes. Additionally, each recipient receives a discount code for 10% off their first order, encouraging them to continue the cycle of gifting and enjoying our delicious chocolates.

A Flare for Flavour Pairings

At Harry Specters, our chocolates are more than just sweets; they're an exploration of taste. Our inventive flavour pairings are designed to delight and surprise, from the enchanting blend of spices to the lush harmony of fruits and chocolate. Each bite is an adventure, a moment of discovery.

Colourful artisan chocolates surrounded by fresh ingredients

Our hand-painted artisan chocolates are like edible works of art ready to excite your taste buds

Treat family and friends to a delicious selection including a mix of chocolates from our 37 available flavours. Whether they prefer classic flavours like Milk Sea Salt Caramel and Dark Orange, or more exotic options like Vanilla Coconut or Passionfruit and Lemongrass, our boxes have something for every mood.

Ethical and Impactful

Behind every scrumptious bite is our unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and positive impact. We care deeply about where our ingredients come from and the effects they have on the world. By choosing Harry Specters, you're not just purchasing a gift; you're supporting a broader mission. You're advancing our efforts to champion autism in the workplace and share personal stories that inspire and foster growth.

Championing Change with Every Bite

Our chocolates do more than satisfy cravings; they drive change. With every gift box sold, Harry Specters furthers the cause of autism in the workplace, advocating for rights, opportunities, and better understanding. Gifting with Harry Specters isn't just an act of joy—it's an investment in a brighter, more inclusive future.

Photos of Harry Specters autistic employees. One photo is taken outside Aldi and the other shows a them making Easter eggs

Give a gift with a difference and be a Champion of Change while helping to create employment opportunities for autistic people!

Join us on our journey of taste, community, and transformation. Every gift, every box, and every bite is an opportunity to delight, inspire, and advocate for a cause we hold dear. Let’s make every gift count, and every taste a step towards meaningful change.


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