Easter Chocolate Crafting: Inside The Artisanal Process

Easter is not just a season; it's an opportunity to embark on a delicious journey of innovation, creativity, and community. With Easter egg hunts on the horizon, and Easter baskets waiting to be filled, the quest for the perfect chocolate Easter egg in full swing. We invite you to peek behind the curtain of our artisanal chocolate-making process, where every artisan Easter egg is crafted with care, quality, and a touch of magic.

Art in Action: Preparing and Decorating the Moulds

Our journey begins with the decoration, a precursor to the chocolate egg's birth. In a dance of colours and textures, we use cocoa butter blended with natural colourings to paint delicate brush strokes and vibrant splatters and speckles on the chocolate moulds, setting the stage for what's to come. For our Caramel Egg, a white chocolate swirl is tenderly drizzled, laying the groundwork for a symphony of flavours.

A chocolatier hand-decorating a series of Easter egg moulds with yellow and green cocoa butter speckles and splatter

Hand-decorating adds a unique touch to every Easter egg, meaning no two are ever the same while still tasting equally delicious!

Not all eggs receive their artistic flair in the mould; some await the hands of our chocolatiers to be adorned with colourful cocoa butter after they have finished setting in the fridge, transforming them into unique pieces of edible art. This hand-decorating phase allows each Easter egg to tell its own story, a narrative of taste, texture, and passion.

Crafting Perfection: Creating the Chocolate Egg Shell 

Now it's time to fill the moulds with rich, velvety Belgian chocolate. One half of each mould is filled with heavenly cocoa magic before being closed and turned a few times by hand.

Then they make their way to a chocolate modelling machine called Galileo, where they undergo a meticulous timed process of rotating, and vibrating, all under the watchful eyes of our skilled chocolatiers. This ritual ensures each Easter egg is flawless, with no room for thin walls or imperfections.

A group of white chocolate Easter eggs decorated with rainbow cocoa butter speckles

The Rainbow Egg is our most colourful Easter treat, representing the full spectrum of Autism and the many superpowers our amazing employees possess

The chocolates then retire to our specially calibrated fridges, set at specific temperatures to avoid any thermal shock and ensuring they emerge as perfect as intended.

The Final Touch: Hand-Packing the Easter Eggs

After a meticulous demoulding process, our Easter eggs are inspected for perfection before they are lovingly packaged. Each egg, whether it be a dark chocolate Easter egg or a white chocolate wonder, is nestled into its special box, ready for its journey to you. It's more than just packaging; it's a gesture of care and a promise of quality.

This Easter, your choice of chocolate gift from Harry Specters does more than satisfy sweet cravings; it joins you as a partner in driving change. Every artisan Easter egg you select is a commitment to breaking boundaries and advocating for autism in the workplace. With each piece you enjoy, you're not just savouring exquisite flavours; you're actively participating in our mission to dismantle misconceptions and blend the festive joy of Easter with impactful change.

As you relish in our handcrafted Easter eggs, envision yourself contributing to a brighter future where every flavour has a narrative, and each chocolate is a pledge to our shared journey towards transformation, taste, and inclusivity. This Easter, we invite you to celebrate not only the exceptional taste of our chocolates but also to be part of a movement fostering a more inclusive, understanding, and delightful world with us.

Harry Specters range of chocolate Easter eggs in colourful packaging

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