Empower Your Purchase: The Significance of Supporting Social Enterprises

As consumers, we have the power to make a positive impact with every purchase we make. One way to do this is by choosing to buy products from social enterprises. In this blog, we will discuss what social enterprises are and why it is important to support them.

What Is A Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that prioritises a social or environmental mission in addition to generating profits. They aim to create positive change in the world while still being economically sustainable. This means that the profits generated by the business are used to support its social or environmental mission, rather than solely benefiting shareholders.

Examples of social enterprises include companies that produce eco-friendly products, provide job opportunities for marginalised communities, or support causes such as education and healthcare.

Harry Specters - A Social Enterprise for Autistic People

Harry Specters is a social enterprise aiming to reduce the employment gap for autistic people. In order to achieve this, 69p of every £1 spent with us goes towards creating paid employment opportunities, as well as free training and work experience placements. 

Every year Harry Specters produces a report detailing the impact that the orders placed with us have made in the lives of real Autistic people. You can find all of these reports here.

Bruce, Ash, and Joseph - some of our Autistic employees

Why is it important to support Social Enterprises?

  1. Making a positive impact: By choosing to buy products from social enterprises, you are directly supporting their mission and helping to make a positive impact in the world. For example, by purchasing products from a company that provides job opportunities for people with disabilities, you are helping to support and empower that community.

  2. Encouraging sustainable business practices: Social enterprises often prioritise sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, which helps to reduce the overall impact of business on the environment. By supporting these businesses, we are encouraging more companies to adopt sustainable business practices.

  3. Investing in local communities: Many social enterprises are locally based, which means that by supporting them, you are investing in your own community. This can have a positive impact on local economies and can help to create job opportunities in the area.

  4. Driving change: Social enterprises are often founded to address a specific social or environmental challenge. By supporting these businesses, we are driving change and helping to create a more equitable and sustainable world.


In conclusion, buying products from social enterprises is an easy way to make a positive impact with our purchasing power. By supporting these businesses, we are encouraging sustainable business practices, investing in local communities, and driving change. So next time you are shopping, consider choosing products from a social enterprise and make a difference with every purchase.

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