Zesty Delight: Why The UK Loves Orange Chocolate

In the lush, innovative world of confections, one flavour continues to be a staple across the UK, capturing hearts and taste buds alike: orange chocolate. Harry Specters embraces this delicious classic with our award-winning Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate, a vegan delight that not only tantalizes the senses but also supports a great cause.

A Taste Steeped in History

Orange chocolate has a storied past that adds depth to its modern appreciation. Sweet oranges made their way to Europe from ancient China in the 1400s but remained a rare treat until it became a staple of the Victorian Christmas stocking. Chocolate was introduced to European countries from Mexico during the 1500s originally as a bitter drink and in the 1700's, thanks to Fry and Sons, British chocolate as we know it today began to take shape.

However, it wasn't until the 20th century that orange chocolate graced British tables with the introduction of the Jaffa Cake - which used tangerine oil - in 1927. One of the most iconic iterations, Terry's Chocolate Orange, was first introduced in the UK in 1932.

This product featured segmented milk chocolate flavoured with orange oil, mimicking the shape of a real orange, and quickly became synonymous with Christmas festivities. Its association with holiday celebrations helped cement orange chocolate as a seasonal favourite, evoking warmth and nostalgia during the chilly winter months.

A bar of Dark Chocolate Orange Caramel with orange segments

Our Dark Orange Caramel bar pays homage to the timeless combination of zesty citrus and bittersweet dark chocolate

Today, while orange chocolate is enjoyed year-round, it still holds a special place during festive seasons, reminding us of the joy and togetherness of the holidays. At Harry Specters, we draw on this rich history to craft our Dark Orange Caramel chocolates, blending the timeless appeal of orange and chocolate with innovative vegan-friendly ingredients. This creates a modern classic that respects its roots while pushing culinary boundaries forward, making every bite a delightful nod to both past and future.

Why Orange Chocolate?

The combination of dark chocolate and zesty orange is not new, but it is timeless. The bittersweet, rich tones of dark chocolate perfectly complement the fresh, tangy zest of orange. This pairing is loved not only for its taste but also for its ability to invoke nostalgic memories of festive seasons and joyful celebrations. At Harry Specters, we have mastered this classic duo with our own twist, making it a favourite all year round.

Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate: A Vegan Delight

Our Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate is a testament to our commitment to flavour, quality, and inclusivity. This bar is completely vegan, ensuring that everyone can indulge in its luxurious taste. The silky-smooth caramel, infused with natural orange essence, is enveloped in a rich dark chocolate shell, offering a mouth-watering explosion of flavours with every bite.

A bar of dark chocolates stacked in squares with dark chocolate shavings

Delicious Belgian dark chocolate provides the perfect shell for our orange caramel, which also offering plenty of health benefits.

Award-Winning Excellence

It’s not just the taste that makes our Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate stand out; it's also the recognition it has garnered. As a proud holder of awards from both the Guild of Fine Foods as well as the Academy of Chocolate, this bar represents the pinnacle of quality and creativity in the UK chocolate scene. Each award is a testament to our innovative approach to chocolate making and our dedication to excellence.

More Than Just a Chocolate Bar

At Harry Specters, chocolate is our vehicle for change. With each bar of our Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate, we are not just offering a delicious treat but also advocating for greater understanding and inclusion of autistic individuals in the workplace. We believe in using our platform to challenge misconceptions and promote positive change, making each purchase a part of a larger movement towards a more inclusive society.

A Taste That Resonates with the UK Palate

The popularity of our Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate across the UK is a clear indication of its perfect alignment with the local palate. Brits have a keen appreciation for deep, rich flavours combined with unexpected twists, making our chocolate a preferred choice for those seeking both quality and novelty.

In conclusion, Harry Specters' Dark Orange Caramel Chocolate is not just one of the UK's favourite chocolates; it's a symbol of innovation, quality, and social responsibility. Whether you're a long-time lover of orange chocolate or a newcomer eager to explore this delightful combination, our award-winning creation promises an unforgettable experience that tastes good and does good.

Harry Specters staff with their winning chocolate bars for Aldi The Next Big Thing

Harry Specters staff checking out our bars (including Dark Orange Caramel) in Aldi after winning Aldi The Next Big Thing

Join us in celebrating this zesty marvel and become part of a movement that savours flavour and champions significant change.


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