Empowering Change: Working with the Autistic Community

In the heart of change, where chocolate meets advocacy, you stand as a beacon of empowerment and acceptance for the autism community. In buying Harry Specters chocolate, you fuel our mission as a champion for change.

This mission transcends the ordinary and allows us to craft not just chocolates, but pathways to understanding and celebration of the autistic spectrum.

At Harry Specters, every chocolate bar unwrapped is a story of transformation and triumph. Let’s delve into the lives touched by our social mission, where autism acceptance is not just a phrase but a palpable reality.

Bruce: Chocolatier Extraordinaire 

Meet Bruce, a young man who joined us for work experience when he was 15 after struggling to find a placement elsewhere. Bruce’s talent and hard work led to him receiving training to become a chocolatier. Harry Specters became his stage, where he could orchestrate a symphony of flavours, from spicy whispers to honeyed melodies in our chocolate creations.

After completing his course at West Suffolk College, Bruce joined us full-time and is still here nearly 7 years after his work experience! His journey with us is a testament to breaking stereotypes and showcasing that being on the autistic spectrum is a realm of potential, not limitations.

Joseph: The Chief De-moulding Officer

Our journey of empowerment and excellence is incomplete without mentioning Joseph, our chief de-moulding officer. Joseph joined Harry Specters for work experience in 2019 and became a full-time member after the pandemic.

With meticulous attention to detail, Joseph ensures every chocolate is flawless, embodying our commitment to quality and perfection. "I really appreciate the rest of the team - they make the chocolates and I take them out of the moulds," Joseph shares, highlighting the collaborative spirit that defines our workspace.

Chocolate Crafting, Life Changing

Through our years of working with autistic people, we've also had the opportunity to meet with many parents and carers who have witnessed the transformation that training and employment opportunities can bring about.

Some of our past and present autistic employees and work experience trainees.

"Harry's gave my son a chance and he fitted into the workplace and made new friends," one parent said. "He now has a new sense of self-worth and believes in himself again. I am very proud!"

Another parent said: "I get quite emotional thinking about the look on my son's face when he showed me the cheque you gave him for his work. It was not about the money, but the confidence and self-worth he was feeling."

Bridging Gaps, Crafting Futures

Our commitment extends beyond the individual, embracing families and communities. We celebrate the spectrum, illuminating its diversity and richness, challenging the mundane and misconceived with every chocolate piece crafted.

As our founder, Mona, says: “we are on a mission to be a role model for other businesses and say, when you hire autistic people that you’re basically not doing them a favour, you’re actually doing the business a favour because we have seen how amazing they are as employees.

A Taste of Tomorrow

Harry Specters is not just about exceptional chocolate; it’s a movement. A cause woven with the threads of inclusion, acceptance, and understanding. Autism acceptance is at our core, driving us to create a world where the autistic spectrum is embraced as a vibrant part of our tapestry.

Join us on this delicious journey of change. Indulge in our chocolates, and partake in a movement where every bite is a step towards a future where autism is not just accepted but celebrated. As a champion of change, you are at the forefront of a revolution flavoured with the essence of new beginnings and the sweetness of empowerment.

In every chocolate, there is a story. In every story, there’s a chance for change. Be part of this sweet revolution, where we savour diversity and champion the cause of autism acceptance, crafting a world where everyone belongs, and every flavour tells a tale of transformation.

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