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Award winning delicious chocolates creating a sweeter life for people with autism

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Gluten free, and free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservitives

Finest-grade chocolate, ethically sourced from sustainably grown cocoa

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Harry's social mission is to offer confidence and hope to young people with autism by providing employment and free training.

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Each chocolate creation is lovingly handcrafted with only one thought in mind – giving our customers an experience to remember!

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All our chocolates are made to order so you can taste the burst of real flavours in every bite.

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Dedicated to crafting the most delicious chocolates that create employment for young people with autism.

We also offer free work experience for students from local special education needs schools and provide free training for young people with autism.

  • Mini Golden Eggs

    Mini Golden Eggs

    Shareable bag of six mini milk chocolate eggs (45% cocoa content) dusted with a golden sheen. Approximate weight 100g. View Details
  • Dark Golden Egg

    Dark Golden Egg

    Guardian best Social Enterprise Easter Egg award winner. Described by the judges as "decadent", "the best chocolate" and "beautiful", this egg... View Details
  • The Speckled Egg

    The Speckled Egg

    Classical Easter treat with a rich 70% dark chocolate egg, hand decorated with white cocoa butter. Approximate weight 175g. View Details
  • Red & Gold

    Red & Gold


    Red & Gold

    Carefully handpainted with red & gold in 45% milk chocolate. A highly enjoyable Easter treat. Approximate weight 175g. View Details
  • Rainbow Egg

    Rainbow Egg


    Rainbow Egg

    Carefully handpainted with rainbow colours in creamy white chocolate. A highly enjoyable Easter treat. Approximate weight 175g. View Details
  • Creamy Caramel

    Creamy Caramel

    A very special Easter treat made with delicious creamy caramel chocolate and elegantly swirled in white chocolate. Approximate weight 175... View Details

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