Our mission is to offer confidence and hope to young autistic people by providing employment and free training.

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Harry Specters’ plan on how we build confidence with young autistic people

The harry specters formula for creating opportunities for autistic people

In order to carry out our social mission, we have identified a number of activities that help generate social value.

Our social impact framework, which includes theory of change, can be found here.

How we've helped

Since starting in November 2012, we have helped over 300 autistic people. Alongside this we've supported more than 155 carers/parents, making their lives just that little bit easier.

Autistic people have contributed to the business in different ways including making, packaging and selling chocolates for our online and corporate customers. Some of them have also been involved in admin, design work and photography.

Through this work they've all learnt new skills resulting in increased confidence, hope, and aspirations for their future. 

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A group shot of our employees from 2018 at Harry Specters

from 2018 - 2021

On average, in the last 5 years, for every £1 spent at Harry Specters, 69p directly benefitted the lives of young autistic people and their families through paid employment, free work experience, and free training opportunities.

For a full yearly report, please click on the links below:

Social Impact Report – 2022
Social Impact Report – 2021
Social Impact Report – 2020
Social Impact Report – 2019
Social Impact Report – 2018
Social Impact Report – 2017
Social Impact Report – 2016
Social Impact Report – 2015
Social Impact Report – 2013/14

One of the key outcomes is successfully creating an autism friendly work place. In such a workplace, autistic people can contribute to various tasks in order to create value for themselves and for Harry Specters.

Every single order means the world to us. And the more orders we receive, the more consistent work we are able to generate for our employees.

From your very first purchase we'll keep you posted on how much you've helped. Look at it this way, you get to enjoy award-winning chocolates whilst knowing you've made a difference.