The Impact of Your Purchase: Where Your Money Goes

As a social enterprise, we’re not just passionate about crafting out-of-this-world chocolate; we’re on a mission to make a tangible difference. Every bite you savour is a step towards a brighter future, particularly for those on the autism spectrum. Here at Harry Specters, we intertwine the joy of chocolate with the serious business of social impact, creating employment opportunities for autistic individuals.

Harry Specters’ plan on how we build confidence with young autistic people 

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Your Contribution in Numbers

When you indulge in our chocolate, you’re not just treating yourself; you're investing in potential. Partnering with UnLtd, The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, we developed a social impact calculator. This tool reveals that for every £1 spent with us (excluding delivery), 69p goes directly towards benefiting young autistic individuals, their families, and even the UK government. This investment manifests in training, employment, and nurturing talents in a supportive environment.

Yearly Milestones and Social Value

Some of our amazing employees - past and present

We believe in transparency and annually publish a social impact report detailing how your support translates into positive change. From 2018 to 2021, we produced over 2.7 million chocolates, creating 29,392 employment hours for 35 employees and 1,871 work experience hours for 60 young autistic individuals. This translates to an astounding £283,127 in social value for the UK economy, proving that each purchase is an investment in a more inclusive society.

Understanding Social Benefit

Social benefit isn’t just a buzzword; it's the core of our existence. It encompasses both the private benefits derived from our premium chocolate products and the positive externalities of our social mission. In economic terms, social benefit equals private benefit plus externality. For Harry Specters, this means combining our business success with our commitment to creating employment and training opportunities for autistic individuals, leading to a healthier, more inclusive society.

MP Lucy Frazer with Mona and Bruce

On a visit to the factory during an interview with Big Society Capital, member of Parliament Lucy Frazer said: “Harry Specters is an excellent example of how social enterprise can make a real difference to our communities, and how to make great chocolate!"

Join Us on This Flavourful Journey

As champions of change, Harry Specters invites you to be part of this transformative movement. Each chocolate purchase is a vote for inclusivity, a stand against ignorance, and a step towards a future where everyone, regardless of their neurodiversity, has the opportunity to shine. Your choices have the power to shape lives and create ripples of change, proving that something as delightful as chocolate can indeed be a vehicle for significant social impact.

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