Harry Specters Wins 2024 King's Award for Promoting Opportunity

In an extraordinary nod to our ongoing commitment to social change, Harry Specters is thrilled to announce our latest milestone: receiving the 2024 King's Award for Promoting Opportunity. This prestigious accolade not only reaffirms our mission but celebrates our unique approach to melding premium chocolate craftsmanship with meaningful social impact. 

Foundations of Our Story 

Since our inception in 2012, Harry Specters has not just been about creating delectable chocolates; it's been about using this artisan craft as a vehicle for change. From our humble beginnings in the back of Mona and Shaz’s house, our journey has been deeply intertwined with our desire to challenge and change perceptions around autism, using every ganache and caramel as stepping stones towards a more inclusive society. 

Royal Endorsements and Visits 

Prior to winning this award, Harry Specters has had multiple opportunities to share both our story and our chocolates with esteemed members of the Royal Family. This has consistently provided platforms to amplify our cause and began in 2014 when our chocolates were presented at the Business in the Community National Gala Dinner.  

Harry Specters chocolates being presented to HRH King Charles at the 2014 Business in the Community National Gala Dinner
His Majesty King Charles (then The Prince of Wales) was presented with our chocolates during this prestigious event.

In 2022, Prince William and Princess Catherine graced our stall at the Cambridgeshire County Day, and their genuine interest in our mission further fuelled our drive.   

The Prince and Princess of Wales (then Duke and Duches of Cambridge) meeting the Harry Specters Team
The Prince and Princess of Wales (then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) met with some of the Harry Specters team and indulged in some chocolates.

In 2023, amidst the festivities of King Charles' coronation tour, Prince Edward’s visit to our factory not only underscored our innovative practices but also our commitment to social inclusivity. 

HRH Prince Edward unveils a plaque at Harry Specters chocolate factory

HRH Prince Edward unveiled this plaque during a visit to our chocolate factory

Significance of the King’s Award 

This year’s King’s Award, notably the second of its name following the award’s renaming in 2023, recognized 252 businesses across categories like International Trade, Innovation, Sustainable Development, and Promoting Opportunity. Harry Specters stood out in the last category, spotlighting our pioneering work in promoting autism in the workplace. It's a testament to the resilience, innovation, and unwavering spirit of our diverse community. 

A Vote for Inclusivity 

Harry Specters is more than a chocolate company; we are a beacon for change, championing the rights and potential of autistic individuals in the workplace, but our achievements are as much yours as they are ours.

Every purchase you make supports not just a business, but a movement. You help create opportunities for autistic individuals, offering them a chance to shine in roles that reflect their unique strengths and talents. Our story is one of transformation—of minds, tastes, and societal norms.

In essence, every chocolate you enjoy from Harry Specters is a vote for inclusivity, a stance against the ignorance and misconceptions surrounding autism. 

The Future of Harry Specters 

As we move forward, this award will serve as a constant reminder of what we've achieved and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Our journey continues, and we are excited for what the future holds. We remain committed to delighting your taste buds while making significant strides towards a better, more inclusive world. 

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support makes all the difference. Together, let’s keep the spirit of innovation alive and continue to make real change, one chocolate at a time. 

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and help us spread the word. Every shared story, and every conversation about Harry Specters and our mission, helps us move one step closer to a world where everyone can thrive. Together, we're not just enjoying chocolate—we're making history.

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Well done – a well deserved award for all of you 🤗

Hilary Hardy May 28, 2024

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