Transform your corporate gifting into an unforgettable experience with Harry Specters' customised gifts, where the art of chocolate meets the heart of your brand, delivering both exceptional taste and a meaningful message. Our custom corporate gifts are not just treats; they're artisanal masterpieces, handcrafted to reflect your company's unique identity and commitment to quality.

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Your Story, Our Chocolate – Every personalised chocolate from Harry Specters is a flavour-filled journey, uniquely tailored to celebrate your special narrative.


With every bite of our bespoke chocolates, you're not just savouring award-winning taste; you're championing our social cause.


Crafted with heart and hands, each chocolate is a masterpiece, meticulously designed to capture the essence of your message and brand.

Personalised Chocolate Artistry

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Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours: Celebrate Love Uniquely

Every wedding is as unique as the couple at its heart, and the favours should echo this sentiment. Harry Specters crafts personalised chocolate wedding favours that go beyond mere confectionery. These delicacies serve as a gesture of gratitude to your guests, embody the spirit of your union, and leave a lasting impression of your joyous day. Tailored to your wedding theme, our chocolates offer a distinctive flavour that enhances the memories of your celebration. Get in touch if you want to make your wedding a special one.

Custom Corporate Gifts: The Fusion of Elegance and Brand Essence

In the realm of corporate gifting, Harry Specters blends professionalism with personalisation to deliver gifts that truly stand out. Our custom corporate gifts transcend standard offerings; they are an extension of your brand's identity and excellence. Presented in personalised chocolate boxes and personalised chocolates, these gifts resonate with your company's commitment to quality, enriching business relationships with a sophisticated and considerate gesture. Visit our dedicated Corporate Gifting page for more information or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

The Art of Customised Gifts: Handcrafted with Precision

At Harry Specters, we believe that the perfect gift mirrors the uniqueness of its recipient. That's why our personalised chocolate gifts receive our full attention, from the selection of the finest ingredients to the exquisite packaging. Our dedication to this bespoke process has established us as the preferred purveyor of luxury gifts that truly touch the heart.

Custom Chocolates for Every Occasion

Harry Specters has become synonymous with exceptional personalised chocolates for any occasion. Whether celebrating Christmas Easter Mother's Day Father's Day Anniversary gifts Valentine's Day or showing gratitude, our customised chocolate boxes contain two of our exclusive chocolates, each chosen to reflect the spirit of the occasion. For those seeking an unmatched personal touch, we invite you to personalise your own box, enhancing the gifting experience, even though it may be at a higher cost. To craft your unique chocolate pair, connect with us on our Contact Us page.


The Harry Specters Signature Experience

At Harry Specters, we're dedicated to more than just crafting chocolates; we're dedicated to creating experiences. Our commitment to quality, flavour, and positive social impact shines through with every custom chocolate box, inviting our customers to enjoy flavours that have earned accolades while supporting our social mission of empowering autistic individuals.

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