Chocolate Club - Terms and Conditions


Do I have to pay delivery for Chocolate Club Subscription boxes?

No, the delivery charges are included in the price.

Can I manage my subscriptions online?

Yes you can! You can pause or skip your order. You can even choose a date for your next order. There are other options available to help you manage your service.

What are the terms and conditions for cancelling the subscription?

    You give us one month's notice and we will simply cancel the subscription.

    What are me some examples of cancellation?

      For example, if you place an order say on 1st November and before dispatching the box, you want to cancel, there will be no charges at all.

      Another example, If you place an order say on 1st of November, you receive a box on say 4th November and you want to cancel subscription on 4th November. In this instance, you will be charged for the first order and for the 1st December order. This is because of on month notice period which starts of 4th of November and expires on 4th of December. Thereafter, you will not be charged.

      Can I make my own selection?

      Yes, of course. We will be more than happy to give you a selection of your choice. You only need to let us know 10 days before your next monthly box is due to be sent out.

      Can I change the delivery address ?

      You certainly can. Give us 7 days' advance notice for change in the delivery address.

      Can you include a card every month with a personalised message ?

      Yes we can. Give us 7 days' advance notice.

      Is this service available overseas?

      No, currently this service is only available for the UK.

      As a member of the club, can I propose new flavours?

      Definitely yes. We would love for you to get involved by sharing your ideas for exciting flavours.

      How do I contact the club?

      The best way is to send an email to

      What are some other terms and conditions?

      Harry Specters reserves the right to modify Terms and Conditions at any time, upon reasonable written notice to you. Harry Specters may, upon reasonable written notice, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Programme and/or any Programme Reward at any time, including the availability of any Programme Reward.