Customer Favourites: Top Picks for World Chocolate Day

Celebrate World Chocolate Day in style with Harry Specters, the ultimate destination for premium chocolates that delight the senses and make a difference. Our chocolates are not just about indulging in luxurious flavours; they are a testament to our commitment to supporting the autism community and creating social change. As you look to buy luxury chocolate online, explore our best-selling boxes and chocolate bars that have won the hearts of our customers.

Milk Sea Salt Caramel

A perfect blend of creamy milk chocolate and luscious caramel, accented with a hint of sea salt, our Milk Sea Salt Caramel bar is a symphony of flavours. This bar is a favourite among our customers for its rich taste and the delicate balance of sweet and salty notes.

Customer Review: From Briony P - "This is such a treat - creamy milk chocolate filled with a luxurious, thick caramel... just like the name suggests!"

This review perfectly captures the irresistible nature of our Milk Sea Salt Caramel bar. It's a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every piece we create. The combination of high-quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail makes this bar a standout choice for anyone looking to treat themselves or a loved one.

Milk Sea Salt Caramel is our most popular bar and was also part of the one-off order for Aldi's Next Big Thing

Milk Peanut Butter

For those who love the classic pairing of chocolate and peanut butter, our Milk Peanut Butter bar is an absolute must-try. Made with the finest milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter, this bar offers a nostalgic yet elevated experience.

Customer Review: From Maggie - "Pure delight heaven in a chocolate bar, will be buying more."

Anna's review highlights the joy and satisfaction our chocolates bring, not just because of their taste, but also due to the story and cause they support. The Milk Peanut Butter bar, with its smooth texture and rich flavour, is a testament to our dedication to creating memorable chocolate experiences.

Dark Orange Caramel

For those who prefer a more intense chocolate experience, our Dark Orange Caramel bar offers a delightful combination of dark chocolate, tangy orange, and smooth caramel. This bar is perfect for those who enjoy bold flavours and a touch of sophistication.

Customer Review: From M B - "Great chocolate, very yummy will definitely be buying more... my family all loved it too, loved the dark choc orange bar especially!! Thank you!!"

Dark Orange Caramel is a beloved flavour in Britain, and our version is also vegan-friendly!

This review underscores the universal appeal of our Dark Orange Caramel bar. Its rich, complex flavours make it a favourite among dark chocolate enthusiasts and those looking for a unique chocolate experience.

A World of Flavours in Every Box

At Harry Specters, we believe that variety is the spice of life. That's why we offer 35 different flavours, each crafted with the utmost care and creativity. From the nostalgic to the exotic, our selection has something to satisfy every palate. In our various chocolate boxes you'll discover indulgent delights such as:

Carrot Cake: One of our most unique offerings, this chocolate captures the essence of a classic carrot cake, complete with the perfect blend of spices and creamy texture.

Pistachio: For nut lovers, our Pistachio chocolate offers a rich, buttery flavour that is both creamy and crunchy. Made with real pistachio butter and no artificial colours for an authentic taste which makes this a standout choice.

Vanilla Coconut: A tropical delight, our Vanilla Coconut chocolate combines the smoothness of vanilla with the tropical sweetness of coconut. It's like a mini-vacation in every bite.

This tropical milk chocolate is our most recent award-winner, winning the Bronze Award from the Academy of Chocolate

Mango Raspberry: This fruity combination is a burst of flavour, blending the tartness of raspberries with the sweet, juicy taste of mangoes. Perfect for those who love a refreshing and vibrant chocolate experience.

Celebrating Customer Feedback

At Harry Specters, we value our customers' feedback immensely. It helps us refine our offerings and ensures that we continue to deliver chocolates that exceed expectations. For example, we often send out new chocolates to our chocolate club members for feedback before adding them to our selection. This collaborative approach ensures that our chocolates not only meet but surpass the standards of our discerning customers.

Customer Review: From Catherine M - "There's only one thing wrong with Harry Specters chocolates: they're too delicious! I get a monthly delivery and they get eaten almost immediately."

Catherine's praise for our chocolates highlights the freshness and exceptional quality that define Harry Specters. Whether it's the innovative flavours or the traditional favourites, every chocolate is crafted to deliver an unforgettable taste experience.

Our Chocolate Club members are a vital part of the process when it comes to introducing new flavours into our range

Why Harry Specters?

When you buy luxury chocolate online from Harry Specters, you're not just purchasing a treat; you're supporting a mission. Our chocolates are handcrafted with care, using the finest ingredients, and every purchase contributes to providing employment and training opportunities for autistic individuals. This World Chocolate Day, indulge in the best-selling chocolate that our customers love and join us in making a difference.

These are more than just chocolates, they are a celebration of flavours, a commitment to quality, and a vehicle for social change. With glowing reviews from satisfied customers and a mission that resonates, Harry Specters is the ultimate destination for premium chocolates that delight and inspire. Celebrate World Chocolate Day with our best-selling bars and boxes, and experience the joy and satisfaction that Harry Specters' chocolates bring.

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