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Harry Specters Autism Employment

Social Mission

To offer confidence and hope to young people with autism by providing employment and free training, enabling them to produce great products, such as our award-winning chocolates. In doing so, we aim to be a role model for “great product, great cause” for other businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs. 


Harry Specters Social Mission


 Members of our staff and work experience students 


In order to carry out this social mission, we have identified a number of activities that help generate social value. These activities can be seen in "Solution" section above.

Our social impact framework which includes theory of change can be found here: Social Impact frame work.

Social Impact

Since the company inception in November 2012, we have a total number of 260 beneficiaries which mostly includes young people with autism. They contributed to the business in different ways. This includes making, packaging and selling chocolates for our online and corporate customers. Some of them were also involved in back office, design work and photography.  In summary all of them learnt new skills resulting in increased confidence, hope, and aspirations for their future. 


Harry Specters Beneficiaries


One of the key outcomes of the past two years is successfully creating an autism friendly work place. In such a workplace, people with autism can contribute to various tasks in order to create value for themselves and for Harry Specters.


Harry Specters Autism Employment


Social Impact Report - 2017

Social Impact Report - 2016

Social Impact Report - 2015 

Social Impact Report - 2013/14


Comments of Beneficiaries

"I like going to Harry Specters because the people there are nice."

Bruce, Work Experience and part-time employee.

"My son has got his confidence back now since working at Harry's. It was really hard to see him get rejected after each job interview after leaving college. He got top grades too. Harry's gave him a chance and he fitted in to the workplace and made new friends. He now has a new sense of self-worth and believes in himself again. I am very proud!"

Mum of a full-time employee

"Harry Specters has boosted my confidence and I really love working here because it is a way to less stress."

Darius, part-time employee
"An amazing opportunity to work and learn to make chocolates from the chocolate machines."
Greg, Chocolatier, full-time employee


“Just wanted to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for all your help and kindness. Greg has really enjoyed the experience you have made possible and he has grown in confidence..”

Excerpt from a Thank you card from Greg’s parents

“I have never received £100 for any work before! Thank you so much.”

Charlie Bailey, an ex-part-time employee

“I get quite emotional thinking about the look on Ross’ face when he showed me the cheque you gave him for his work. It was not about the money, but the confidence and self-worth he was feeling..”

Mother of one of our contract workers