Collaboration Brings a Limited-Edition Easter Card to Life

British artist James Owen Thomas and luxury chocolatier Harry Specters have teamed up to create something special this Easter.

James, who was diagnosed as autistic at age 3 1/2, has used his creative skills to design a beautiful gift card made from recycled Harry Specters packaging – creating cards that will not only bring joy to those who receive them, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Autistic artist James Owen Thomas looking through recycled Harry Specters packaging


Making Art Accessible


For James, art has been a way to express himself and connect with the world. As an autistic person, he faced challenges in finding the confidence to showcase his talents but with the support of his high school teacher he was able to blossom as an artist, and exhibited his work at two National Trust sites when he was only 15, and has recently opening his own gallery in Pateley Bridge near Harrogate!


Going Green

For Harry Specters, sustainability has always been a priority, which is why we use recyclable materials and source all our packaging from within the UK. So, when the opportunity to work with James presented itself, we knew we had to take it.

"We are constantly trying to improve our environmental footprint”, says Shaz. “Shipping our fine chocolates is a delicate matter, and we try our best to ensure the packaging is robust enough to protect the products at the same time as being as kind to the environment as possible.”

As we are in the process of redesigning our bars and boxes, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something new and beautiful for our customers without anything going to waste.

 James tearing pieces of Harry Specters packaging to create his artwork

A Unique and Meaningful Gift

This limited-edition card will be available to anyone placing an Easter order with us, and just like our usual message cards they will be completely free for customers!


So if you're looking for a special way to celebrate, consider adding a card along with your Easter boxes, hand painted chocolate eggs, or mini treats. You may be one of the lucky customers to receive a beautiful piece of eco-friendly art made by a talented Autistic artist.

 The Harry Specters Easter card created by James Owen Thomas

You can find out more about James here:

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