Hi Everyone!

We all know that the cost of living has increased, and we’re all feeling the effects. 

Over the past 8 months we’ve been researching, calling, and meeting with different suppliers for packaging and ingredients to try and keep our costs down without reducing quality or going against our commitment of sourcing within the UK.

We do listen to our customers, and the most frequently received feedback we get from you all is praising the quality and taste of our chocolates, and our ethos.

These are also the main reasons why a lot of our corporate clients choose us over other chocolate companies for events and staff or client gifts.

Our main mission is to provide paid employment as well as free work experience and training to Autistic people, and there are a few other things we implement as part of our ethos; for example:

❤ All of our packaging and ingredients are sourced from within the UK, and as locally as possible. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of our chocolates, while also supporting other local businesses, and allowing us to have a very clear idea of our supply chain.

For example – when we changed our packaging supplier earlier in the year to reduce those costs, our founders made the effort to physically visit their factory first to ensure that everything was being produced in Britain with no sneaky outsourcing!

❤ All of our packaging is recyclable - even the plastic trays which can be widely recycled at local recycling centres.

We would love to switch over to fully food-safe cardboard boxes as we have with our Tasty Twos but unfortunately that would involve a significant price increase and we do want to keep our prices in-line with other artisan chocolate companies.

❤ There is nothing artificial in our chocolates. We don’t use artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Our chocolate boxes have a 3-month shelf life which means those chocolates are made (and ingredients for them bought) in small batches.

We all know that buying in bulk is more cost-effective, but if we want to avoid waste as much as possible and keep artificial preservatives out of our products, this simply isn’t an option unless we are buying and making for a large corporate order of multiple hundreds or thousands of products.

To put it simply – a small increase in price for some of our products means we can continue delivering ethically sourced, high-quality chocolate while also supporting other UK-based businesses!

In terms of delivery charges - we make no money off these and charge the same prices we are quoted by Royal Mail. These charges went up in April and we’ve been absorbing that increase where we can for our online customers and will continue to do so until we hit cooler temperatures in the Autumn.

The reason being that we currently can’t offer the option of Tracked 48 shipping as that extra day or two of the chocolates sitting in a delivery depot could be the difference between perfect chocolate and a box of melted puddles! 

Thank you for sticking with us and helping us create real change for real people one delicious chocolate at a time.

We are all incredibly grateful for your continued support, and excited for what the future of Harry Specters will hold!