Lloyds-Harry Specters partnership objectives

During spring of 2014, Lloyds Banking group, as part of their Day To Make A Difference programme ordered 32,000 custom printed chocolates for volunteering roadshow in England. The idea was that sourcing delicious and quality chocolates from a social enterprise will help engage their employees to volunteer for social enterprises in the community. 

Harry Specters chocolates for Lloyds Day To Make A Difference volunteer roadshow

Potential volunteers were offered delicious chocolates, in addition to raising awareness about Harry Specters social mission and other community based organisations. As a result, a number of employees signed up for volunteering work with different organisations in the community.  

Lloyds and Harry Specters chocolates

Besides the roadshow, these chocolate made it to other events at Lloyds, including, the after dinner chocolates for a large offsite event for the group senior executives. The chocolates at these events were enjoyed the most because they were more than just delicious chocolates.

Partnership outcomes for Harry Specters

Each bite of the 32,000 chocolates that Lloyds ordered contributed towards creating a sweeter life for people with autism. Specifically, this project created:

  • Three contract paid employment opportunities for people with autism.
  • Four free work experience for a local special needs school. 
  • Free training and work experience opportunities for the future through purchase of a chocolate machine that continues to contribute to the social mission.
This project was one of the several other contributions Lloyds made for creating sweeter life for people with autism at Harry Specters. 

    Some comments by Lloyds

    Very excited to have a day out of the office and do something fun and worthwhile.

    I have never been to a work place where they are so charity focussed and people are encouraged to help others. It is very refreshing.

    I wish we could do it more than once a year. Id do it every month if i could, it breaks up the week and you come back to the office having bonded as a team. 

    The chocolates were delicious and the story really touched everyone and i have taken details to order for my friends wedding.