Janssen-Harry Specters Partnership Objectives

During 2015, Harry Specters and Janssen (parent company: Johnson & Johnson) got together to do something different.  Janssen wanted to bring their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to life by involving its employees and their families and friends by sharing a Christmas surprise.  They ordered 600 boxes from Harry Specters for their employees in the UK. The idea was, that each chocolate made, will directly contribute to supporting employment of people with autism.

Harry Specters - Janssen Partnership Outcomes

As a result of this partnership, eight young people with autism benefited from paid employment through making and packaging of these delicious chocolates. All were paid living or above living wages and some received bonuses for excellent work. 

Granta School students working on Janssen project at Harry Specters

Six  students with autism from two local special needs schools completed their work experience. All in all, this project raised confidence and hope of 14 young people with autism and provided relief to at least 20 carers, who now see hope for the future of their loved ones.  


Janssen Harry Specters partnership for autism

This was made possible by Jannsen and Harry Specters working together for a beautiful product and a common cause.

Bespoke Corporate Chocolate box from Harry Specters for Janssen