The selection has 12 chocolates, two each of our best nutty ones, making it a perfect gift for someone who loves nuts. 

The best part of the selection is that it contains pure nut butters, chopped nuts and nut oils in one of our best signature milk and dark chocolates.

Inside secret: Pistachio, peanut butter, and maple & pecan are out of this world and guaranteed to vow!



  • Vegetarians

Total Weight = 228g (approximate)
Box dimensions = 19.5cm x 14cm x 2.6cm

The box contains two each of the following chocolates:

Caramel Hazelnut, Dark Hazelnut, Maple & Pecan, Marzipan, Peanut butter Crunch, Pistachio

Chocolate: Cocoa solids (cocoa mass, cocoa butter), whole milk powder, sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. Dark chocolate (min cocoa solids 60%), milk chocolate (min cocoa solids 40%), white chocolate, (cocoa butter 29.5%). Maple & pecan: (maple syrup, pecan nuts, pecan oil), pistachio: (pistachio paste, pistachio oil, chopped pistachio nuts; caramel hazelnut & dark hazelnut: (hazelnut paste, chopped hazelnuts), marzipan: (almond butter, almond oil, chopped almonds), peanutbutter crunch: (peanut paste, chopped peanuts), natural food colours.

- All chocolates are gluten free.

- Vegan chocolates and boxes do not contain MILK, all other may contain MILK and SOYA.

- All chocolates may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.


- Please keep chocolates in cool place. Do not keep chocolates in the Fridge

- All boxes have 3 months shelf life unless specifically stated on the product.


- Fresh ingredients.
- No artificial flavours or preservatives.
- Creating paid employment & free work experience for autistic adults.
- Great Taste Award winner and Producer.
- Academy of Chocolate Award winner.
- Gluten free.
- Vegetarian.
- Alcohol free.
- Made by hand.
- Small batches.
- Locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
- Ethically sourced chocolate.
- Made in the UK (Cambridgeshire).
- Family owned business.

We aim to dispatch within 1-2 days.
Click here to find delivery details.

Award-winning flavours

With 34 awards in the last 5 years, we pride ourselves on producing the most exquisite flavours by hand.

And a sweet mission

Our chocolate factory in Cambridgeshire is where our autistic employees and work experience students live their dreams. They are always busy making or packaging beautiful, fresh chocolates which are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Read more about our social cause here.

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